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Online Learning @ College of the Canyons
Computer Skills Tutorials

These tutorials and instructions are not meant to teach you about word processing, using email, or the Internet. These helpful pages focus on the primary tasks that you will be asked to perform in your online course.  For a complete lesson in Windows, consider the following courses:
CIT 140: Microsoft Office. 
CIT 101: Computer Fundamentals
CIT 105: Microsoft Windows
CIT 110 & 111: Keyboard Fundamentals and Document Processing
CIT 135: The Internet
Please click on the link of the skill that you wish to study.

A Few simple guidelines:
Unless otherwise noted, to "click" means to perform a single click on the left-hand mouse button.

Most of the tutorials are created with the Windows Operating System for the PC.  If you are using a Macintosh operating system, the graphics and directions will be slightly different than described.

Computer Basics Tutorials

The Computer: Turn on and Shut down

Plug-In and Software Installation

Word Processing Skills Tutorials

Create and Save a Document

Saving documents in different ways and in different locations

Opening files or documents and saving to other areas

Saving a Document as a .pdf

Cut-and-Paste or Copy-and-Paste

To Change Size, Style and Color of Font

Highlighting Portions of a Document

Setting Margins

Page Orientation

Line Spacing, Text Alignment, and Indents

Spell Check, Grammar Check, and Thesaurus

Create list with Bullets

Add Page Numbers, Headers and Footers

Create Tables using Word

Import Tables

Printing a Document in Black or Grayscale

Inserting Graphics, Clipart, etc.

Changing the Window Size

Asynchronous Discussion Tutorials

Discussion Board: Posting a Message 

Discussion Board: Editing or Deleting a Message

Discussion Board: Posting a Message w/ an Attachment (not linked)

Discussion Board: Reading an Attachment 

Discussion Board: Saving Attachments to File 

Email Tutorials

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