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Import Tables

Discussed here: Importing a table from an Excel spreadsheet

The easiest way to import a table is to cut-and-aste or copy-and-paste it from another file or location.  This will save you time as you will not have to re-create the table in your word processing program, doubling your work.

1.  Locate the table you wish to import or copy.

2.  Position the curser in the upper left corner (cell 1A) and click.

3.  While holding the key down, drag the curser through all of the cells of the table.

4.  When all cells are selected (highlighted) lift your finger from the mouse key.

5.  Follow any of the "copy-and-paste" suggestions from the Copy-and-Paste tutorial located at: Cut-and-Paste or Copy-and-Paste.

6.  Go to the document you are creating.  If the insertion point is not at the place you wish to add the table, move your curser to the area and click.

7. Paste the table onto the document, as instructed in the tutorial noted in step 5.