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Opening the Internet

Internet Tutorials will be based on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Network

 1.  The easiest way to open your Internet browser is to click on the icon that may be present on your desktop or your shortcut bar.  The Internet Explorer icon appears as a blue "e" encircled by a thin blue line.  The icon for Netscape varies depending on which Netscape version you have installed.  Netscape Navigator 4.0 will show a ships wheel, Netscape Communicator may show a lighthouse, and an "N" within a circle illustrates Netscape Navigator 7.0.

2.   To open the icon, merely click, or double click on it and the program will open.

3.  If there is no icon present, you may select your program using the Start menu.  

4.  Click Start. When the pull-up menu opens, click on "Programs," then "Netscape Navigator"
 OR "Internet Explorer."  In either case, the program of your choice will open.