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Create List with Bullets or Numbers

There are two ways to create a bulleted list. You may wish to use numbers, or you may prefer dots (or other graphic markings).

1. Type the introductory line that will precede the list of bullets, and hit "Enter."
2. Locate the icon on the Formatting toolbar. You have two choices.
     a. "numbering" is illustrated by the numbers 1, 2, & 3, each number followed by a small horizontal line.
     b. "bullets" appears as three dots or marks, followed by three horizontal lines.
     Depending on your choice, either a dot or the number one will appear on your screen.

3. Type in the first list item.

4. Hit "Enter".  Another bullet, or the number 2 will appear.

5. Continue in this fashion until you've finished your list.

6. Hitting the "Enter" key two times will terminate the bulletting or numbering of items.

For additional bullet designs:

1. Open the "Format" menu.

2. Click on "Bullets and Numbering."  A screen will open providing several types of bullets. To choose a design place the curser over the design and click.

Additional numbering or lettering is available by clicking on the "Numbered" tab on the newly-opened window.

3. Click on the "Outlined Numbered" tab to locate advanced outlining options.

4. When you have made all of your selections, click "OK." The window will close.