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Page Orientation

The default setting for creating a document is set at "Portrait" (8.5" wide, 11" long).  To create a document with a "Landscape orientation (11" wide, 8.5" long) follow this tutorial. Note that by reversing the instructions, you may re-set the orientation from "landscape" to "portrait."

1.  Open the "File" menu on the Menu Bar, by clicking. A drop-down menu will appear.

2.  Click on "Page Setup."

3.  When the "Page Setup" window opens, click on the "Paper Size" tab.

4.  Click on the radio button of the page orientation titled "landscape."  The sample paper icon, noted by a bent page with the letter "A" will change from vertical to horizontal.  The paper in the "Preview" window will change simultaneously.

5.  Click "OK."  You are now able to create a document with a horizontal orientation.

6. To reset to the portrait (or vertical) orientation, perform steps 2-4, and click on "Portrait" instead of "Landscape."