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Setting Margins

Many instructors require margins to be set at sizes other than at the default setting.  A one-inch margin all around is often specified. For that reason, this tutorial will help you to construct a one-inch margin around your document.

You have the choice of setting the margins before, during or after you have created the doucment.

1.  Go to "File" on the Menu bar and click to open a drop-down menu.

2. Click on "Page Setup."

3.  The "Page Setup" screen will open.  If the "Margins" screen is not visible, click on the "Margins" tab, and the screen will open.

4. Clicking on the small up and down arrows on the side of each box will increase of decrease the size of your margins.  Each click will decrease or increase the margin size by a tenth of an inch. You may also click within the small boxes and manually type the size margin you desire. 

For this tutorial, leave the "top" and "bottom" boxes at 1". Click the down arrow at the "left" box. Continue to click until "1" " appears in this area. Repeat this action for the "right" box.

5.  Confirm that the "Apply To" box states "whole document."

6. Click "OK."  Your margins are now set at one inch all around.