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Site Visitation via Hyperlink and URL

When your computer was set up, an Internet browser was set as your default browser. You may have set this up yourself. 

Even if you are reading a document offline, if there is a live link or hyperlink embedded within it, clicking upon it will connect you to the Internet and directly onto the linked page.  Once online, you may browse the Web in any direction you wish.




To visit a Web site by typing in a URL, you must first open your Internet browser program. (Directions for this appear here: Opening the Internet)

Delete the URL of your homepage by clicking on the URL and highlighting it in blue. Click "Delete" and the URL will disappear. You are ready to add any URL you wish in the Address or Location space. Hit "Enter" when you are ready, and the browser will connect you to the page you have selected.

On newer versions of Internet browser programs, you may not have to type in the entire URL.  Older versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer required you to type in the URL including the prefix "http://www."  Newer versions allow you to type the page name directly, such as "" rather than ""