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Creating an Email Group

Instructions provided here are for Microsoft MSN, Outlook, and Yahoo email programs.  Your email program may differ slightly.


1.  From the Inbox, click on the "Contacts" tab.

2.  Click on the "New Group" button.

3.  Give your group a name.  Ideally, you should have an email group for each course you are taking, so consider a short name that identifies the course.

4.  Click on the "Group Members" box below and add email addresses of your online classmates.

5.  Click "OK" when you have finished.  Your group name/s will appear below the list of "Individuals" names on your "Contacts" page.


1.  From the "Inbox" click on the "New" button.  A drop-down menu will open.

2.  If you have already added the names for the "Distribution List" in your "Contacts," click on "Distribution List."  You can then click on names already present on your personal list and add them to your distribution list.  To do this, click on the "Select Members" button and a new screen will open.  Select the name of the list you are using (such as "Contacts" in the top-most box. Click on (select) names from the list and click the "add" button.  The names will be added to the distribution list forming at the right side of the screen. Click "OK" when you have finished. 

3.  To create the distribution list from scratch, click on "Distribution List." When the blank page opens, click on the "Add New" button. Type in the names and email addresses of those you wish to add to this list.

4.  Remember to enter the name of your new group in the "Name" box. You may use spaces and capital letters.

5.  When you have finished adding or selecting names for your list, click "Save and Close" near the top of the screen.  Your group name will appear within your list of Contacts.


1.  While in the "Inbox" mode (or on the "Mail" page), click on the "Addresses" tab.

2.  Click on the "Add List" button near the top of the screen (or the drop-down menu).

3.  Add a name (12 letter maximum) in the "Name of List" box.

4.  Select names from the address box by clicking on (selecting) the name, then clicking the "Add" button.

5.  To add new contacts, scroll down while on the "Addresses" page, and enter contact information in the boxes provided.  Click the "Add" button.

6.  After entering all new contact names, open your class email list and click the "Edit" button.  When the list of names appears, repeat Step 4 above.

7.  Click "Save."  Your Group Name will appear in the left column of the "Addresses" page. Note that your group name does not appear on the "Mail" page.

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