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Highlighting Portions of a Document

You may wish to highlight portions of your text to make them stand out.

1.  Locate the "highlight" icon on the Formatting toolbar (looks like a highlighting marker, and appears next to the "A").

2. To select a highlighting color, click on the down arrow at the right side of the icon.  A menu of colors will appear. Click on the desired color.  Remember to choose a color that will highlight your text, not obliterate it.

3. The curser will now turn into the shape of a highlighting instrument. Click on the text that you wish to highlight, and drag the curser to the end of the selection, while holding the left mouse button down.

4. After selecting the text, lift your finger from the mouse button. Your text should be highlighted with a new color.  You may highlight other selections while your curser still looks like the highlighting instrument.

5. To return to the normal setting, click on the "highlight" icon again.  The curser will return to a vertical line.