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Create Tables using Word

You may create simple tables using Word, without having to import tables from an existing Excel or spreadsheet program.

1. Locate the position in your document where you want to add a table.

2. Open the "Table" menu. A drop-down menu will appear.

3. Click on "Insert Table." The "Insert Table" window will appear on your screen.
     An alternate method: Click on the "Insert Table" icon on the Standard toolbar. It appears as a grid. DO NOT clilck on the grid icon that has an "X" on it.

4. Enter the number of columns and rows for your table.

5. You may want to choose a column width. If you click on the up arrow in the "column width" box numbers will appear. Choose one.
Use "auto." This will allow you to manually alter each column as necessary.

6. Click "OK." A blank table of same-size cells will appear at the text insertion point.  The table will appear directly within your pre-set margins and set at the same width as your margins.

7.  To change the width of your columns, position your curser on the vertical line separating the first and second columns.

8. When the curser arrow changes to a double-head arrow, pointing left and right, click your mouse and drag the curser either left (to decrease the size) or right (to increase the size) of your column.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each column that you wish to alter.

10. To change the height of your rows, position your curser on the horizontal line that separates the topmost cell and the cell under it.

11. When the curser arrow changes into a double-head arrow, pointing up and down, click the mouse and move the curser up (to decrease the row height) or down (to increase the row height).

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for each row that you wish to alter.

13. Enter material into the table cells.  You may alter the column and row sizes at any time during your text insertion, if the initial set-up is not to your liking.