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Schedule of Classes

Class Schedule information for Summer 2003

College by Television (CTV) courses are aired on public television and on the local public access cable channel 20. Public Access Channel 20 is not available in all areas. For all broadcast information, please see the Broadcast Schedule information at the top of this page.

    Anthropology 102
    Cultural Anthropology
    32620 - 3 units - CSU:UC
"Faces of Culture" focuses on such basic anthropological concepts as subsistence patterns, organizing devices, cultural transmission patterns, economics, political organization, social control, and cultural change.


    Astronomy 100
    General Astronomy
    32499 - 3 units - CSU:UC

"Universe: The Infinite Frontier" presents an exciting introduction to astronomy. This course features the earth, the solar system, the sun, and other stars.

   Cinema 120
   Film Aesthetics
   32584 - 3 units - CSU:UC

"American Cinema" is a survey of the American film industry as an art form, as an industry, and as a system of representation and communications. This course explores how Hollywood films work technically, aesthetically, and culturally to reinforce and challenge America's self-image.

   Communication Studies 105
   Speech Fundamentals
   30675 -- 3 units -- CSU:UC

"Speaking wi
th Confidence" is a new offering at College of the Canyons, that offers instruction for basic public speaking.

   Economics 130
   Consumer Economics
   32632 - 3 units - CSU:UC
   "Dollars and Sense" teaches students how to manage their money effectively.

    History 101
    History of Western Civilization: The Pre-Industrial West
    30691 - 3 units - CSU:UC
"The Western Traditions I" begins with the influential pre-Western civilizations and continues through the classic period to the High Middle Ages, exploring the cultural and philosophical movements that have influenced the Western world.


    History 102
    History of Western Civilization: The Modern Era
- 3 un
its - CSU:UC

"Western Traditions II" commences with the end of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance and continues to industrial modernization and the present, exploring the cultural and philosophical movements that have influenced the Western world.


    History 111
    United States History I
    30693 - 3 units - CSU:UC

"Shaping America" covers the exciting development of the United States from the beginning through 1877.


    History 112
    United States History II
- 3
units - CSU:UC

In "America in Perspective" numerous historians examine the topical rather than the chronological development of the United States beginning with the centennial and ending with the present day.


    Philosophy 101
    Introduction to Philosophy
- 3
units - CSU:UC
The Examined Life" brings learners the philosophical wisdom of the western world with episodes examining the great questions that have intrigued philosophers from antiquity to the present.

    Physical Education 100
    Health Education
    31051 -- 3 units -- CSU:UC   

"The Human Condition" is an exciting new telecourse with a comprehensive look at health and health care in the 21st century.

     Political Science 150
    American Government and Politics
    30695 & 32641
 - 3 uni
ts - CSU:UC
"On Common Ground: Framework for Democracy" is a new American government survey telecourse which combines political instruction with examples of how people involve themselves in government.


    Psychology 101
    Introduction to Psychology
- 3 units - CSU:UC

"Psychology: The Human Experience" is a new introductory telecourse. Most programs feature top psychologists explaining the basics of psychology while showing their labs and work.


    Psychology 172
    Developmental Psychology
    30624 - 3 units - CSU:UC
"Time to Grow" studies the developmental processes of children from the prenatal period through adolescence.


    Sociology 101
    Introduction to Sociology
    30676 - 3 units - CSU:UC

"The Sociological Imagination" provides students with an updated, in-depth introduction to he multifaceted nature of sociological study. Issues covered by the course include social control, education, collective behavior, sex and gender, and social change.


    Sociology 103
    The Changing Family
    30677 - 3 units - CSU:UC

"Portrait of the Family" deals with the social, economic, legal, and psychological aspects of marriage and family life, as well as patterns of courtship, marriage, and family organization.

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