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How to Succeed in College-by-Television Courses

While success in any course generally requires self-motivation and discipline, this is especially true for a telecourse because you do not see your instructor every day, or even once a week.  Here are some specific suggestions. 

1. Purchase the textbook, study guide, and any other course materials
These are available through the College bookstore. Texts are located within the individual subject sections. Text materials should be purchased prior to the orientation and to viewing the first telecourse.

2. Read the course syllabus
The syllabus coordinates all of the components and activities of a telecourse. The syllabus also contains the instructor's specific suggestions for successful completion of the course. Several instructors make the syllabus available online as well.

3. Read the textbook
This is the main source for course content and is a major source for test material.

4. Follow the directions at the beginning of the study guide
These directions will help you to effectively use the study guide. Also, at the end of each unit there are questions to help you explore general concepts.

Due to the concentration of information while viewing a video lesson, it is difficult to take lengthy or detailed notes.  By reading the assigned textbook and study guide chapters before viewing the video lessons, you should be able to jot down key words or phrases while you are viewing the video lesson.

5. View the video lessons
Each lesson has been designed to illustrate and enrich the concepts in the textbook.  A listing of the broadcast dates and times for all video lessons is available from your instructor, and on this Web site. A VCR with a programmable timer is an essential piece of equipment.  This will allow you to tape and view the programs as many times as needed.

6. Contact your instructor
You will receive your instructor's phone extension and office hours in the orientation letter, or in the course syllabus. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact your instructor during those hours, or leave a message with the Distance Learning Office, 661-362-3600.

7. Attend all on-campus sessions
The instructor will use these sessions to review course content and to administer examinations. Please note that all five on-campus sessions are mandatory.

8. Take all examinations
You are required to take all course examinations.  These are usually given during the on-campus meetings. If you have a testing conflict, you must contact your instructor prior to the exam.  Exams will be based on the textbook, study guide, video lessons, and instructor's lectures.

Got questions?  Contact Renee in the Distance Learning office: 661-362-3600