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Downloading from Microsoft Gallery on the Web

Included here are instructions for adding graphics to a document and ways to manipulate them.

1.  Move the insertion point to the area of your document that you want to insert your graphic and click.

2.  Click on "Insert" on the Menu Bar.  When the drop-down menu opens, click on "Picture."

3.  A new menu will open giving you the option of inserting Clip Art from the Microsoft program, or importing a graphic "From File" (a graphic saved on one of your computer drives).  Click on "Clip Art."
 When the "Insert ClipArt" window opens, click on "Clips Online" on the toolbar.

4.  A message window will open reminding you that you must be online or connect to the Internet to access this special Web page.  Clips that you select from online will automatically be saved to your Clip Gallery.  Click "OK" to start the process.

5.  You will be automatically connected to the Microsoft Design Gallery Live. (URL: Follow the directions listed on the home page. These directions are listed here, by permission from Microsoft.

From the Microsoft Gallery page:
When searching for clips on the Design Gallery Live Web site, you can choose the order in which your results appear.  For example, you can choose to show black and white clip art first in your search results.  The order that you choose depends on the type of clip that you are searching for.

To customize your search for clips using the Order by list:

1.  In the Search for box, type a keyword that describes what you're looking for. Or, if youre browsing, click the arrow next to the Browse for list and click one of the categories in the list.

2.  Click the arrow next to the Results should be list and select the type of media you want to find.

3.  Click the arrow next to the Order by list and select the attribute you want to see first in your results.  The attributes listed will vary depending on the media type you select in this box.

4.  Click "GO." The clips returned in your search are ordered according to your preference.

 [ Microsoft corporation, 2002]


Simply, you can search for your graphic by entering a keyword in the Search For box and clicking on "Go."  This is the easiest method of searching for a graphic, but it can produce a great number of clips to sort through.  For example, enter "computer" in the "Search for" box and click "Go."  You will receive over 80 pages of computer graphics.  You may reduce the scope of your search from removing the "Everywhere" from your "Search in" box, and choosing one of the other selections. 

6.  Once you have located the graphic you wish to use, select it by clicking on it.

7.  A "Microsoft Design Gallery Live Preview" window will open with the selected clip. Click on the graphic.

8.  An "End user license agreement for Microsoft Design Gallery Live content" page will pop up into the main screen. It is important to read the agreement carefully. When you have done so, click "Accept" in the box at the top of the window.

9.  You will have the opportunity to view more of the same type of clip by style or be shown more clips using a series of phrases that accompany the clip.  If you wish to use the clip you have already selected, click on the small red down-arrow that appears under your graphic selection to download.

10.  Your selected clip will appear on the "Insert ClipArt" window.  Click on the graphic. When the small menu bar opens, click on the top-most icon to insert the clip into your document.

11.  The graphic will appear on your document.  You have several options to resize and re-position your graphic.  You may manipulate the graphic physically by clicking on the graphic. It will be surrounded by a series of tiny squares. By using your mouse, you may drag the graphic, or re-shape and re-size it.

12.  When the graphic is the desired size and in the desired location, click outside of the graphic. The squares will disappear.  You may re-size and re-shape the figure again by repeating step 7.

13.  You may also alter the picture, size and layout through a series of menus.  Double-left click on the graphic.  A series of tiny boxes and lines will surround the graphic and a "Format Picture" window will open.

14.  To re-size the graphic, click on the "Size" tab on the "Format Picture" window. The current size is listed in the "Height" and "Width" spaces. Changing either the height or the width will automatically re-size the other space.  When you have entered the desired size, click "OK."

15.  To crop the graphic, repeat step 9, and click the "Picture" tab.  Enter the amount that you wish to remove from each or any of the four sides of the graphic. When you have entered the amount/s click on "OK." You may repeat this step as often as you wish, until you have sized the graphic to your liking.

16.  By default, the graphic will insert between lines of text ("In line with text.")  If you wish to wrap the text around the graphic or anything extraordinary, repeat step 9. and click on the "Layout" tab.

17.  You may click on any of the options given (Square, Tight, Behind text, or In front of text).  When you have made your choice, click "OK."  If you dont like your selection, repeat the steps above until you achieve your desired effect.

A note about clip selection:  While on the "Design Gallery Live" Web page, you may select several clips at one time by clicking on the checkboxes that accompany each clip.  When you have finished selecting the clips you want to download, click on the "Download clips" link at the upper-left corner of the active window.

A new screen will show the number of clips you have chosen and a total of their file size. The estimated time is based on the time it will take to download using a 28.8 K modem.  Click "Download Now," and the clips will download to your clipart gallery.  To locate these clips, click on "Insert" on the menu bar, and then click on "Picture" and "Clip art."  When the "Insert ClipArt" window opens, locate the square with the caption: "Downloaded clips," and click on it.  Your downloaded clips will display.

Note that these downloaded clips reside only on the computer on which you saved them.  To save these clips to another computer, insert them into a Word document and save this document to a floppy or zip disk.  Open the file/document on another computer.  You may save them on the new computer anywhere you wish, but they will not be located in the clipart gallery.

Click here Inserting Graphics, Clipart, etc. or use the back arrow to go to the man "Inserting Clip Art and Graphics" page.