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Distance Learning @ College of the Canyons

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Distance Learning at College of the Canyons includes online learning and College-by-Television (CTV). At this time, both of these components are "hybrid" or "blended," meaning that there is a mandatory, on-campus meeting requirement.

On this site you will find many helpful pages.  Please see the links at the top of the page for additional information.

How to Succeed in Distance Learning Courses has helpful study information to help ensure success in distance learning.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) answers many of the questions  asked most often about distance learning.

A comprehensive Glossary contains many words and phrases used in distance learning.

Two self-scoring Self-Assessments are available to help you determine if you are ready for distance learning: one psychological and one technological.

To determine your individual Learning Style, click on this link.

Contact Us for any of your distance learning needs.

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Renee Drake, Distance Learning Technician

Other helpful sites for you, the distance learning student:

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Schedule of Distance Learning Classes
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College of the Canyons Distance Learning Home page

College of the Canyons HOME site

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