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Summer Schedule of Classes
Class Schedule


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Summer Schedule of Courses

Summer Distance Learning Courses offered at College of the Canyons

Course descriptions, course numbers, dates, times, room numbers, & instructor's names are located on this page, below the listing of course offerings.  For information regarding hardware/software specifications, please see the Distance Learning Information and Technology Requirements page. For College-by-Television broadcast information, pleas see the Current Broadcast Schedule page.

Online Course Information

Economics 202
History 111
History 112
HRM 245
Philosophy 101
Psychology 101

College by Television Information

    Communication Studies 105
    History 101
    History 102
    History 111
    History 112
    Philosophy 101
    Physical Education 100
    Political Science 150
    Psychology 101
    Psychology 172
    Sociology 101
    Sociology 103


College-by-Television Courses for Summer 2003

College by Television (CTV) courses are aired on public television and on the local public access cable channel 20. Public Access Channel 20 is not available in all areas. For all broadcast information, please see the Current Broadcast Information Page (See tab above).

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Please note that the summer courses are highly-condensed.