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Learning Styles

People learn in different ways. No way is "right" or "wrong."  The links listed below provide a sampling of learning styles that will help you to determine your learning style.

Near the bottom of the page are links to several written articles about learning styles.

Some Interesting Links
Twelve different theories discribing how different people learn.
Take the "Temperament Sorter II." This divides learners into Introvert/Extrovert, Intuition/Sensation; Feeling/Thinking; and Judgement/Perception.

VARK Guide to Learning Styles
Take the "Questionnaire." Divides learners into catagories: Visual, Aural (Auditory), Reading and Kinesthetic.

Learning Styles Online Inventory
Nine sets of choices. Are you an Accomodator, Diverger, Converger, or Assimilator?

NOTE: There are some problems with this site. The link at the top of the page Learning Styles and Learning is invalid. The link of the same title at the bottom is okay. The page it leads you to, however,  has superimposed text in some areas, and is easier to read online, than as a printed document.
A selection of inventories, whcih include Canfield's Learning Styles Inventory, Gardener's Multiple Intelligences, and links to Learning Inventories for Instructional Preferences.

Stephen F. Austin State University's Academic Assistance and Resource Center
Includes the VARK, Silver Strong Multiple Intelligences inventories.  Also provides good links to a variety of Learning Theories and Learning Styles.

LD Pride Online
Provides numerous links to information on earning styles, multiple intelligences, tips for learning, and much more.

Personality Spectrum & Pathways, by Joyce Bishop, PhD. (c) Joyce Bishop
Enter as a GUEST. Select "Adult Learning  Materials" link; select "Print Version of Personality Sp/Pathways." (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

DVC Online: Learning Styles Survey & Explanation of Learning Styles and Strategies, by Catherine Jester, (c) 2002.
Provides links to survey and to strategies.


"Learning Styles Can Become Learning Strategies
," by W. J. McKeachie; University of Michigan.

"Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection," by Neil D. Fleming; Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand.

"The Successful E-Learner," by Daniel Birch, as appeared in, October 3, 2002.

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